Living with a classic Alfa Romeo

Classic Alfa Romeos can still offer loads of fun and uncompromised style without breaking the bank. From the curvaceous Giuliettas, to the sleek Giulia Coupes and boxy Berlinas all the way to V8-powered Montreals, these Milanese beauties are true objects of desire built with passion and designed by some of the greatest names in history. By choosing to keep a classic Alfa on the road, you’re in fact choosing to preserve a piece of moving art.

On the other hand, Alfa Romeos are notorious for being demanding lovers. They tend to be unstable, capricious, some will even squeeze an angry tear out of your eyes, but when you sort it all out, they’ll give you just about everything: thrilling speed, glorious sound and all their grace, inside and out. Grabbing that wooden steering wheel and looking into its dramatic instruments while storming through twisty mountain serpentines always feels perfect. Classic Alfa Romeo is definitely a car that makes you look behind your shoulder every time you park it. And believe us, you won’t be the only one.

So, how does living with a classic Alfa Romeo really feel? It is unpredictable, yet rewarding. In a way, taking care of a classic Alfa celebrates the joys of life, because Alfas are really more than pieces of metal with four wheels, but machines made to be loved and enjoyed to the fullest. Listen to these Alfa Romeo videos to hear their lucky owners describe that unique passion that keeps them moving forward fast and in style.