Nick Lam is your Perfect Car Match Maker

Are you a little astounded by the title? Car match making might sound too cliché. Is it a new type of match making in Hong Kong? Well, you can say that. Nick Lam is a 25 year old guy who makes you meet your perfect car. He is the CEO of New York Auto Depot. His business is focused on helping Chinese guys find their perfect car. He navigates the American vehicle market to bring the most luxurious and outstanding vehicle for the rich Chinese students. 

When Chinese students appear in America, in search of the perfect vehicle, they hardly know what they want or whatever is going on. They are usually unaware of the various parts of a car too. This is where Nick Lam helps them further. He tells them about the various car parts and also demonstrates the need of paying tax afar they have purchased the car. Chinese people usually have no idea about paying vehicle tax and this can easily get them into trouble. Thus, Lam helps them in all ways possible so that they can avoid all the hurdles. Moreover, Lam helps them in negotiating with prices as they cannot deal with Americans alone. This is also one of the major reasons why they visit Nick; he gets them the best car in the best and most affordable prices. 

But Nick did not become the CEO of New York Auto Depot just like that; he has a struggle story too. When he came to America after his graduation from Hong Kong in 2009, he bought a car so that he could be a deliver boy at Papa John’s. Little did he know that his decision would turn out be one of the worst that he had ever made? Within four months, the car started having brake issues, engine problems and transmission troubles too. This is when Nick took support of magazines, various books and of course YouTube to understand what issues his car was having and how he could solve them. 

This is where his car business took a small start. His friends starting taking him along whenever they had to make deals related to vehicles and offered him free meals as thank you gift. Sooner, Chinese students also started gaining his services and he began to charge them slowly. But Nick was not ready to be just a middle man amongst the big dealers. He wanted to do his own dealerships and this is when he decided to start with New York Auto Depot. Nick has successfully reached out to 19 Chinese universities and a lot of students have turned up to Nick for buying the best American vehicles. However, he is planning to extend it even more and attract a lot of new Chinese students too.

Nick Lam is definitely a talented boy from Hong Kong and is representing his hometown in the best manner. Hats off to this man and to his love for cars!